SNOWTER® since 2002

You already have a good command of one or two kinds of winter sport and know the chill only sun, mountains and powder can bring? Beginner or crack – the Made in Europe snowter® is a real challenge for everybody. To the top with cable cabin, chair lift or ski tow. Downhill the ultimate kick: Standing on the snowter® without special equipment (helmet is recommended). The snowter® can be steered similar to a bike or just be shifting weight from one side to the other.The snowter® offers a new possibility to enjoy winter sports. At first sight the snowter® looks like a bike that can be driven on snow. This is maintained by the method of changing direction with a handlebar. Biking on snow – no: snowting!

Little more about snowter


The snowter® starts driving – the beginning is really easy. Due to the steering the snowter® stays stable cruising on the snow. Tension comes with higher speed and increasing gradient. Now the Snowter® shows his real face: the face of a fun sport equipment.


The snowter® has no seat and is driven just standing. Four pedals offer up to four variations to stand on the snowter®. Steering with the handlebar is no longer suitable. By shiftin weight from one side to the other, the snowter® changes its direction. Edges are pressed into the snow – the snowter® marks its trace – now you are carving.


If weight is not brought consequently to the relevant edge, but is shifted to the middle of the device at the end of a curve, the snowter® starts drifting and now must be guided. Carving or drifting, cruising or high-speed. This means snowting. The beginning is easy but to control the snowter® in any situation is an exciting and really challenging thing.

Model SR7


The longer frame design brings more speed and control. Yes, snowboard or ski is boring compared to this!

Designed for

For downhill and six-cross racing

Technical details

Total length 1,830 mm
Handle bar height min. 850 mm / max. 890 mm adjustable
Handle bar length 680 mm
Frame length 1,150mm
Material Aluminium alloy
Pipe Ø 48mm and 22mm
Front ski 800mm length, 125mm width
radius 3.3 m
Rear ski 950mm length, 125mm width
radius 4.7m
Total weight 9.5 kg

Model SR6


The shorter frame design brings more agility. Can you imagine to get all advantages of even smaller and better controlled Snowter? If your cup of tea is not just fast racing, this model is perfect for you. Smaller, lighter and prepared for all the tricks and jumps you want!

Designed for

For freeriding and slalom racing

Technical details

Total length 1,610 mm
Handle bar height min. 840 mm / max. 880 mm adjustable
Handle bar length 680 mm
Frame length 1,040mm
Material Aluminium alloy
Pipe Ø 48mm and 22mm
Front/Rear ski 800 mm length, 125 mm width
radius 3.3 m
Total weight 9.3 kg

Model SR3


Of course we think of the smallest racers out there! Improve your children’s education! This is the best way to teach little ones how to move on snow

Designed for

For the next racing generation

Technical details

Total length 780 mm
Handle bar height min. 340 mm / max. 460 mm
adjustable in 4 steps of 30mm each
Handle bar length 280 mm
Saddle height min. 320 mm / max. 420 mm
adjustable in 3 steps of 30mm each
Pipe Ø 25mm
Ski 780 mm length, 88-64-80 mm width
Total weight 2,380 g

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